Become a DWPC Volunteer

Building a Better Community

DWPC members are energetic, enthusiastic and active volunteers in Dublin and throughout Central Ohio. In fact, each member is asked to volunteer at least four hours each year although most of our members dedicate many more hours to the community. Whether volunteering at the Dublin Irish Festival or collecting items for the local food pantry, DWPC members are making a difference.

DWPC Volunteer Committees

We offer a diverse lineup of committees for our members who can select one or more that meet their personal interests.

  • Scholarship: Michelle Kirtley, Chair
  • Adult Education Scholarships: Terry Butterworth and Kristen Witchousky, Chairs
  • Snowflake Gala: Robin Moran and Sharon Zimmers, Chairs
  • Dublin Irish Festival: Sharon Zimmers and Mara McKee, Chairs
  • Membership: Jen Gladdish and Jen Sommers, Chairs
  • Web and Social Media: Mara McKee, Chair

If you would like to learn more about Dublin Women’s Philanthropic Club you might consider joining us for a volunteer project. We invite you to come to one of our events or contact us for more information – we’d love to get to know you!